The One Fatal Mistake Writers Make And How To Fix It

Is there really only one?

Mistake? No.

Fatal – ? You tell me.

(full text here)


January 31, 2015 · 9:30 pm

2 responses to “The One Fatal Mistake Writers Make And How To Fix It

  1. I really enjoyed this presentation and I do think the flaw is fatal. Your observations about storytelling are spot on. But I have to say I felt a little jolted (jilted?) being sold to at the end. I’ll be interested to see your offering, since I have found that Scrivener does a great job helping me keep track of all the strands of story, character, plot, and theme.

  2. I’m so sorry you’re disappointed, Audrey. Now I’m having a flashback about answering the door on a lovely Saturday morning to find two nicely dressed people who want to know if I’m concerned about drugs and youth – and when I say “Of course” I’m presented with The Watchtower. I don’t even want to get into the ugly verbal battle for my immortal soul that followed.

    Let’s just say that I’m not exactly #144,001.

    Oh. Dear. God. Don’t let me be the Watchtower peddler of the writing industry.

    (would you forgive me if I mention that I’ve kinda sorta actually been dropping hints since away back that I would be introducing a tool – though back then I thought I was working on structuring so in all fairness I guess it was a classic blindsiding).

    I hope it won’t deter you from continuing on reading my posts.

    The good news is, this has nothing to do with what Scrivener does but you can use them together so you’ll still get the best of what Scrivener offers, but with the added punch that what you’re inputting through the software will be more than just a better organized mess of a story.

    Scrivener, and programs like it, are data collection/management systems that have nothing to do with storytelling. They operate, like all computer programs, on a simple garbage in/garbage out model. If we’re terrible storytellers going in, we’ll still be terrible storytellers going out.

    By the time the Kickstarter launch date arrives it’ll become crystal clear what this tool can offer writers. I hope you’ll stick around to find out. Don’t worry, I still have a bunch of post ideas that will not make you think of me as someone selling life insurance to a corpse.

    (please don’t hate me!)

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