Proof-of-Concept Study for NarraForm

Within the next few months NarraForm will undergo a proof-of-concept study. Not only will this provide evidence of the product’s value, but it’s also what’s needed to create a bottom-up groundswell from the voices that matter most: writers themselves.

A group of writers will be selected to participate in a beginning-to-end product test by putting their own writing projects through this unprecedented developmental storytelling tool with one-on-one guidance.

Phase 1

Live workshop with prototypes at no cost to participants.

Phase 2

Free online global workshop with final prototypes for a select group of superusers.

Anyone interested in joining the global NarraForm study will have a chance to apply. Just be sure to follow this blog for updates that will include an application form.

Although the Kickstarter launch was not fully funded it provided a powerful learning experience about how hard it is for writers to trust an unproven concept – especially, as much of the feedback demonstrated, when money is tight. Well, that won’t be true much longer. Money might always be tight, but when there’s a product out there with the power to create a tectonic shift in story development it means closing the gap between writer, story, and reader.

And when you do that, when you bring the writer and reader in as close as possible through storytelling, you also close the gap between being a writer and being an author.

That seems worth an investment – once you know it’s an investment and not just another wasted expenditure.

NarraForm is out to prove its investment value to writers.



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