For Writers

The perfect story perfectly written.

Publishers expect perfection. It’s as simple as that. The days of hearing authors brag about their spelling and grammatical inadequacies are over. The message to writers is clear: get it right or get lost.

No excuses.

The economic meltdown has put the publishing industry into a tailspin. In-house editing staffs have been decimated. Once-established publishing houses have disappeared, leaving more writers competing for fewer options.

The work of the writer is almost overwhelming even for established authors, the well-connected, grant recipients, or creative writing program graduates. A brutal economy is levelling the playing field, making it hard for anyone to gain a toe-hold in the publishing world.

Now there’s help available instantly. The choices range from a new breed of anonymous editing service offering all things to everyone, to the online version of the Mom & Pop shop where editing is either a technicality completely divorced from the art of the written word or there’s a disheartening lack of professionalism in both the web and its content.

The problem with the anonymous online service is just that – anonymity.  Serious writers who know the publishing industry know that who is editing the work is almost more important than the company publishing it. Editing is not like selling packaged travel deals. It’s a relationship that encompasses more than just the skill; it’s mentorship, guidance, hectoring, failsafe and more. It’s the one person entrusted with understanding who the writer is, and how that relates to the writing and the work – and its art.

For that, an editor must provide more than just a service.

That’s why there’s a name on the masthead.  You’ll know who you’re working with – no hiding behind a corporate identity. Sandra Chmara has spent nearly 25 years navigating the delicate line that defines writing as both skill and art.  Each service reflects that crucial symbiosis.

Let Sandra help get your writing closer to the store shelf.