Whether you’re a first-time writer or a seasoned author, bringing in a sharp and objective editorial eye means getting that much closer to the sale. In today’s difficult publishing climate it’s no longer a luxury, it’s an imperative.

Publishers are not only reluctant to take chances on the longshot talent but they’re less willing to even read manuscripts full of grammatical, structural, and consistency errors.  Some no longer have a significant in-house editorial staff and expect writers to pursue professional editing before they’ll even look at a manuscript. It has to be right. It has to be fine-tuned. It has to be great.

To submit anything less is to risk rejection.

If you have concerns about voice or form in your work, or if you recognise a weakness with grammar, spelling, and punctuation, Sandra Chmara offers a variety of services that meet every need:

  • Full Manuscript Editing – From beginning to end, your manuscript will be meticulously evaluated for strengths and weaknesses, narrative issues, character problems, and the painstaking line-editing most writers lack the objectivity and clarity to notice themselves
  • Proofreading – A quick and dirty read-through that picks up basic errors before they lead to a rejection for all the wrong reasons
  •  Reader Evaluation – While writing workshops and amateur writer’s groups can help with bits and pieces of a manuscript, it’s a format that rarely allows a complete manuscript to be read the way a potential book buyer would. Does your narrative flow?  Are there plot problems or concerns about character? A Reader Evaluation is the perfect blend of the two most important readers of your career – one with the power to decide whether your book ever makes it to the store shelf, the other with the power to make your sales sizzle or fizzle.
  • Query PreparationOnce your manuscript is complete, the query is the next barrier to publication. Standards on queries equal those on manuscripts. For most editors the majority of query submissions are a frustrating, enraging waste of time. Everything from hand-written letters to no cover letter at all, misdirected, delusional, hopeless – it has all crossed the transom, and continues to pile up every single day. Write a sloppy, unprofessional query letter and it won’t matter how good the submission sample is, it will be dismissed. Ignore house protocols and you can kiss opportunity goodbye. Send the wrong kind of writing to a publisher and you’ll have wasted time and money for nothing. From cover letter to SASE it must be pitch-perfect just to stand a chance at having a manuscript considered.

Investing in the quality of your manuscript now means saving precious time and energy later.